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Discover CWI

We are very pleasure to see you here. Discover Centrum Wdrożeń Informatycznych (CWI) as a stable and well organized partner, who can help grow your business by IT solutions on polish market and polish legal environment.

We helped several, international companies to expand to our country and builds its polish division. With enova365, we helped them in area of payroll and HR processes, finance and accounting, sales and CRM, while combining the specificity of a given business, its structure and international policy with Polish regulations. We are very open to other cultures and people we can work with. Everyone in our team speak English and our main ERP system – enova365 has interface translated to English and Ukraine, so it is a good base to build an international relations.

We are not only the IT company. Our service is focused on business problem resolving through digitalization by ERP systems. We can help with optimization of business process, implement an electronic document flow and give you a new of thinking about data access and processing across the whole company. By choosing CWI you choose modernity and stability.

We are the authorized partner of enova365 – Enterprise Resources Planning System, since 2007. Every day, more than 17000 companies use enova365 in their daily operations. Among our customers you can find: Souther Holding Poland, DUKA, ICAN Institute, Wittchen, Timex, Esselte and many more institution with high needs, working with us and enova365.

Send us an e-mail, to know how can we help your company.

Why we recommend enova365?


Through the modular structure of the system, you can choose the functions that you need, adapts software to your company and upgrade it every time when something change or your company grows.


System is updated to changing polish law, so you can focus on your business without thinking about how to adjust to legislation in area of accounting, HR, salaries, taxes etc.


enova365 is open to cooperate and data exchange between different systems and devices like: banks, printers, e-document storage systems, time tracking systems, e-commerce and more.


Multi interface, internet access and mobile devices app, places enova365 as a leader in complex remote working solution, naturally supporting multi localization work and elastic, hybrid working models.

We implement the best

Why the best companies
likes to work with us?

  • We prove that your business and team are the most important for us
  • We are a good listeners and we even hear what you didn’t say
  • We love new technologies because it makes our lives easier
  • Our solutions have a huge impact on your business and daily operations
  • In long term perspective, we connect people with systems, not only during training
  • We have nice and high competent technical support, available for your team